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Video: LCCC_2018-10-29
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Video Type: Little Canada City Council
Date: October 29, 2018
Runtime: 01:53:11
# Time Title
A00:00:06Call to Order
B00:00:11Roll Call
100:02:03Public Hearing: Ordinance 833, Amendment to the PUD Zoming District to Allow a Charter School as an allowed Use
200:38:15Public Hearing: Variance for Free-Standing Signage
300:47:00Public Hearing: Amendment to Conditional Use Permit for Outdoor Storage & Conditional Use Permit for Proof of Parking
400:51:46Public Hearing: Variance for Front Yard Setback and Architectural Review for 1,617 Sq. Ft Expansion
501:04:06Public Hearing: Ordinance 832, Amendment to Ch. 903.110 of the Zoning Code on Signage for R-1, Single Family Residential and R-2, Medium Density Residential
D01:06:19Consent Agenda (6-10)
1101:07:19Staff Reports: 2019 Improvement Projects
1201:09:40Staff Reports: Call for Public Hearing on Nov. 14, 2018 to Consider Issuance of Health Care Revenue Notes for Presbyterian Homes Care Centers, Inc. - Langton Place Project
13a01:13:08Staff Reports: Development Dst. 7: Call for a Public Hearing on November 28, 2018 @ 7:30 pm on the modification to development district no. 7 and the establishment of tax increment financing district no. 7-2
13b01:15:03Staff Reports: Consider Calling a workshop on Wednesday, Nov. 14 2018 @ 6:00 pm to discuss TIF district 7-2
1401:18:07Staff Reports: Public Works Apprentice Position Wage Adjustment
1501:29:39Staff Reports: Accept Grant from GameTime for Spooner Park Playground Equipment & Authorize Payment for Balance of Equipment Costs
1601:48:06Staff Reports: Agreement for Ramsey County Law Enforcement Services for 2019-2021
1701:49:55Economic Development Authority: Appoint Christopher Heineman as Assistant Treasurer and Secretary of the Economic Development Authority
1801:51:17Economic Development Authority: Resolution for Authorization to Execute the Sale of Two Cell Tower Leases