Our city takes pride in the settlers that founded Little Canada and their French-Canadian heritage. We work hard to maintain our unique small-town identity despite our busy metropolitan surroundings. Little Canada is centrally located only 5 miles of travel north of downtown St. Paul and 11 miles northeast of downtown Minneapolis. Our city is well connected to the area with access to the metropolitan freeway system, a transit hub, and regional trails nearby. Little Canada features employment opportunities, good schools, a vast array of housing options, strong local businesses, nearby entertainment, community gatherings, and access to lakes and a beautiful park system. Individuals and families can make themselves comfortable in our city doing peaceful and exciting activities alike!
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2021-02-11Planning Commission02:07:56
2020-12-10Planning Commission00:56:22
2020-11-12Planning Commission01:08:13
2020-10-08Planning Commission00:47:57
2020-09-10Planning Commission00:30:59
2020-08-13Planning Commission00:00:00
2020-07-09Planning Commission00:33:04
2020-06-11Planning Commission00:22:04
2020-05-14Planning Commission01:06:09
2020-04-09Planning Commission00:24:24
2019-12-12Planning Commission02:01:38
2019-11-14Planning Commission00:23:29
2019-10-10Planning Commission00:34:22
2019-09-12Planning Commission00:58:59
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2019-05-09Planning Commission02:18:00
2019-01-10Planning Commission00:10:36
2018-11-08Planning Commission00:13:58
2018-10-11Planning Commission01:01:19
2018-09-13Planning Commission00:06:59
2018-08-09Planning Commission01:47:58
2018-07-12Planning Commission00:19:34
2018-06-14Planning Commission00:16:09
2018-05-10Planning Commission00:55:16
2018-04-12Planning Commission01:44:32
2018-02-15Planning Commission00:41:07
2018-01-11Planning Commission00:45:35
2017-12-14Planning Commission00:42:19
2017-11-09Planning Commission00:10:11