Roseville is a vibrant city known for its strong, safe neighborhoods, excellent business climate, quality schools and outstanding parks. Conveniently located in Ramsey County, just minutes from downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, Roseville is a dynamic city with many civic, philanthropic and service organizations which strengthen the community.
Date Type Meeting Minutes Length
2023-11-28Public Works & Transportation02:11:12
2023-10-24Public Works & Transportation02:05:00
2023-09-26Public Works & Transportation02:10:00
2023-08-22Public Works & Transportation02:21:31
2023-07-25Public Works & Transportation01:49:57
2023-06-27Public Works & Transportation02:16:00
2023-05-23Public Works & Transportation00:37:37
2023-04-25Public Works & Transportation02:07:48
2023-03-28Public Works & Transportation02:09:41
2023-02-28Public Works & Transportation02:20:05
2023-01-24Public Works & Transportation01:53:08
2022-11-22Public Works & Transportation02:02:57
2022-10-25Public Works & Transportation01:58:56
2022-09-27Public Works & Transportation02:00:59
2022-08-23Public Works & Transportation01:34:00
2022-07-26Public Works & Transportation01:37:00
2022-06-28Public Works & Transportation02:08:23
2022-05-24Public Works & Transportation1:52:48
2022-04-26Public Works & Transportation1:54:00
2022-03-22Public Works & Transportation2:09:53
2022-02-22Public Works & Transportation1:43:18
2022-01-25Public Works & Transportation2:36:00
2021-11-23Public Works & Transportation1:55:34
2021-10-26Public Works & Transportation1:57:00
2021-09-28Public Works & Transportation1:21:15
2021-08-24Public Works & Transportation2:15:00
2021-07-27Public Works & Transportation2:39:00
2021-06-22Public Works & Transportation2:12:57
2021-05-25Public Works & Transportation2:41:04
2021-04-27Public Works & Transportation2:00:00
2021-03-23Public Works & Transportation1:59:29
2021-02-23Public Works & Transportation2:03:59
2021-01-26Public Works & Transportation1:49:59
2020-11-24Public Works & Transportation1:58:00
2020-10-27Public Works & Transportation2:04:00
2020-09-22Public Works & Transportation2:07:23
2020-08-25Public Works & Transportation2:02:00
2020-07-28Public Works & Transportation2:05:00
2020-06-23Public Works & Transportation2:14:00
2020-02-27Public Works & Transportation1:41:03
2020-01-28Public Works & Transportation2:10:16
2019-11-26Public Works & Transportation2:07:58
2019-10-22Public Works & Transportation2:02:00
2019-09-24Public Works & Transportation2:02:21
2019-08-27Public Works & Transportation1:54:58
2019-07-23Public Works & Transportation1:49:45
2019-06-25Public Works & Transportation2:07:28
2019-05-28Public Works & Transportation2:01:30
2019-04-23Public Works & Transportation2:09:19
2019-03-26Public Works & Transportation2:09:30
2019-02-26Public Works & Transportation2:08:00
2019-01-22Public Works & Transportation1:34:15