St. Anthony-New Brighton School District, which serves the city of St. Anthony Village and a portion of New Brighton, is located six miles northeast of downtown Minneapolis. Our District serves over 1700 students at Wilshire Park Elementary School (grades K-5), St. Anthony Middle School (grades 6-8) and St. Anthony Village High School (grades 9-12).
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2021-01-05School Board03:22:50
2020-12-01School Board01:35:43
2020-11-10School Board00:00:00
2020-10-06School Board02:44:16
2020-09-01School Board01:05:16
2020-06-02School Board02:17:01
2020-05-05School Board03:06:16
2020-04-07School Board02:17:03
2020-02-04School Board02:13:03
2019-12-03School Board01:48:01
2019-10-01School Board00:59:39
2019-09-03School Board00:45:37
2019-06-04School Board01:28:35
2019-05-07School Board02:10:09
2019-04-02School Board01:26:28
2019-03-05School Board01:39:04
2019-02-05School Board02:00:00
2018-12-04School Board01:15:27
2018-10-02School Board01:12:33
2018-06-05School Board02:02:26
2018-05-01School Board01:17:58
2018-04-03School Board02:00:00
2018-03-06School Board01:36:54
2018-01-02School Board01:08:45
2017-12-05School Board01:43:38
2017-11-15School Board01:49:31
2017-10-03School Board01:32:23