The North Suburban Communications Commission (NSCC) is a joint powers venture by the cities of Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, Roseville and St. Anthony. The North Suburban Access Corporation (NSAC), commonly known as community television, is a non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors representing each of the nine member cities. The corporation promotes programming by and for the community; manages the access channels and the access facilities; and encourages public use of the cable communications.
Date Type Meeting Minutes Length
2024-02-15NSCC Joint Meeting01:07:49
2023-12-07NSCC Joint Meeting00:48:50
2023-10-19NSCC Joint Meeting00:46:00
2023-09-21NSCC Joint Meeting01:14:45
2023-07-20NSCC Joint Meeting01:18:27
2023-05-18NSCC Joint Meeting01:31:41
2023-02-16NSCC Joint Meeting01:34:41
2022-12-14NSCC Joint Meeting01:05:26
2022-10-20NSCC Joint Meeting00:48:00
2022-09-15NSCC Joint Meeting00:53:06
2022-07-21NSCC Joint Meeting01:07:09
2022-05-19NSCC Joint Meeting00:50:57
2022-02-17NSCC Joint Meeting0:44:46
2021-12-02NSCC Joint Meeting1:30:42
2021-10-21NSCC Joint Meeting0:44:56
2021-09-23NSCC Joint Meeting1:44:00
2021-07-15NSCC Joint Meeting1:12:49
2021-05-20NSCC Joint Meeting1:12:12
2021-02-18NSCC Joint Meeting1:35:21
2020-12-03NSCC Joint Meeting1:37:21
2020-11-18NSCC Joint Meeting0:18:37
2020-09-17NSCC Joint Meeting1:54:58
2020-07-16NSCC Joint Meeting1:21:55
2020-05-21NSCC Joint Meeting1:21:00
2020-03-11NSCC Joint Meeting0:43:49
2020-01-16NSCC Joint Meeting0:50:46
2019-12-05NSCC Joint Meeting0:38:54
2019-11-07NSCC Joint Meeting0:40:50
2019-10-03NSCC Joint Meeting1:01:37
2019-09-05NSCC Joint Meeting1:05:58
2019-08-01NSCC Joint Meeting1:11:56
2019-06-06NSCC Joint Meeting1:24:01
2019-05-02NSCC Joint Meeting1:07:39
2019-04-04NSCC Joint Meeting1:10:43
2019-03-07NSCC Joint Meeting1:14:46
2019-01-17NSCC Joint Meeting1:22:56