Welcome to the City of New Brighton: the city that works for you! New Brighton is a community of 22,351 people. It is ideally located equidistant from the downtowns of Minneapolis and St. Paul, a 30 minute ride from the Twin Cities International Airport.
Date Type Meeting Minutes Length
2022-12-15Equity Commission00:00:00
2022-11-17Equity Commission00:00:00
2022-09-15Equity Commission00:00:00
2022-08-18Equity Commission00:00:00
2022-07-21Equity Commission00:00:00
2022-06-16Equity Commission01:28:17
2022-05-19Equity Commission0:00:00
2022-04-21Equity Commission1:41:05
2022-03-17Equity Commission1:47:10
2022-02-17Equity Commission1:23:53
2022-01-20Equity Commission1:34:27