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Video: MVWS_2017-07-17
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Video Type: Mounds View Work Session
Date: July 17, 2017
Runtime: 05:01:01
# Time Title
00:00:36meeting start
00:00:51Roll Call
00:01:17Public Comment
1.00:02:12Agenda Item
2.00:04:10Agenda Item, A.
2.02:07:03Agenda Item, B.
3.03:30:24Agenda Item
4.03:40:59Agenda Item
5.04:08:36Agenda Item
6.04:46:30Agenda Item
7.04:20:33Agenda Item
04:58:32Reports of Mayor & Council
03:15:47Reports of Staff (Police)
05:00:27Reports of Staff
04:58:20Next Meeting
05:00:30Meeting Conclusion