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Video: RVCC_2018-07-09
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Video Type: Roseville City Council
Date: July 9, 2018
Runtime: 04:17:00
# Time Title
1.00:00:00Roll Call
2.00:02:00Approve Agenda
3.00:03:00Public Comment
4A.00:08:00Business Items - Accept 2018 Community Survey and Analysis
4B.00:42:00Consider approval of Pathway Master Plan
4C.01:19:00Public Works, Environment and Transportation Commission Joint Meeting
4D.01:59:00Resolution Approving vacation of Chandler Avenue Right-of-Way
4E.02:11:00Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement Commission Engagement Plan
4F.02:34:00Declare two vacancies on the Human Rights, Inclusion and Engagement Commission
4G.02:38:00Presumptive Penalty Approval - Chipotle Compliance Failure
4H.02:45:00Presumptive Penalty Approval - Events Wine and Spirits Compliance Failure
4I.02:47:00Consider request by Kulturewerks Brewing for Zoning Code Text Amendments
4J.03:33:00Consider request by Roseville Centre Lodging to include 4th hotel at 3015 Centre Point Drive
4K.04:00:00Consider minor plat for Gunnar Pettersen to re-plat an existing lot into larger lot for 2030 County Road D
4L.04:03:00Consider ordinance prohibiting the trapping of animals in Roseville
5.04:13:00Approve Minutes
6.04:14:00Approve Consent Agenda
7.04:16:00Communications, Reports and Announcements