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Video: RVCC_2018-09-17
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Video Type: Roseville City Council
Date: September 17, 2018
Runtime: 05:00:00
# Time Title
1.00:00:031 Roll Call
2.00:01:203 Approve Agenda
3.00:02:134 Public Comment
4.00:03:345 Recognition, Donations and Communications
5.00:03:417 Business Items
5a00:03:427a Joint Meeting with the Finance Commission
5b01:29:297b Discuss Amendments or Improvements to Code Enforcement 7.B. practices to better address properties with repeat code violations
5c02:47:377c Discuss City Campus Solar Proposals
5d03:47:227d Discussion on Appointment for Vacancy on Human Rights, 7.D. Inclusion and Engagement Commission
6.03:51:4212. Adjournment