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Video: MVCC_2018-09-24
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Video Type: Mounds View City Council
Date: September 24, 2018
Runtime: 00:58:49
# Time Title
100:00:09Call to Order
200:00:19Pledge of Allegiance
300:00:40Roll Call
400:01:00Approval of Agenda
500:01:28Consent Agenda
5A00:01:32Approval of Minutes: September 10, 2018
5B00:01:38Just and Correct Claims
600:04:20Public Comment
700:09:19Special Order of Business
7A00:09:19Presentation of Patriot Award to City of Mounds View
800:10:25Council Business
8A00:10:27Public Hearing, Ordinance 949 ROLL CALL VOTE
8B00:14:38Public Hearing, Ordinance 950 ROLL CALL VOTE
8C00:18:46Ordinance 951 ROLL CALL VOTE
9A00:22:43Reports of Mayor and Council
9B00:45:25Reports of Staff
1000:57:39Next Council Works Session & Meeting