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Video: MVCC_2018-12-10
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Video Type: Mounds View City Council
Date: December 10, 2018
Runtime: 02:04:28
# Time Title
100:00:08Call to Order
200:00:23Pledge of Allegiance
300:00:44Roll Call
400:02:19Approval of Agenda
500:02:19Consent Agenda
600:03:43Public Comment
700:04:26Special Order of Business
8A00:09:12Council Business: 6:30pm Public Hearing
8B00:37:52Council Business: 6:30pm Public Hearing
8B200:45:55Council Business: Resolution 9043
8C00:47:10Council Business: Resolution 9039
8D00:52:54Council Business: Resolution 9041
8E00:57:09Council Business: Resolution 9055
8F01:05:31Council Business: Ordinance 952
8G01:14:06Council Business: Ordinance 953
8H01:18:30Council Business: Resolution 9053
8I01:25:03Council Business: Resolution 9051
8J01:29:55Council Business: Resolution 9052
8K01:33:02Council Business: Resolution 9050
9A01:37:42Reports: Mayor & City Council
9A101:53:37Reports: Discuss need for 2nd meeting in December
9B01:55:31Reports: Staff
9C02:02:18Reports: City Attorney
1002:02:48Next City Council Work Session & Meeting