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Video: MVSB_2019-01-22
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Video Type: Mounds View Schools School Board
Date: January 22, 2019
Runtime: 02:22:01
# Time Title
1.100:00:01Call to Order
1.200:00:15Adoption of Agenda
2.100:01:00Student Representative Reports
2.200:07:00Open Forum
2.300:09:00Announcements (Gifts, Meeting Dates)
2.400:12:00Superintendent's Report
4.100:14:00District Operational Plan Goal Updates
4.201:20:00School Safety Construction Design- Report
5.102:02:00Quarterly Budget Report & Amendments
5.202:05:002019-20 Budget Assumption
6.102:09:00Updates AMED Legislative 916
7.102:15:00Superintendent's Mid Year Evaluation