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Video: /2019/RVCC_2019-09-23
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Video Type: Roseville City Council
Date: September 23, 2019
Runtime: 2:01:00
# Time Title
1.00:00:00Roll Call
2.00:01:00Approve Agenda
3.00:03:00Public Comment
4.00:03:00Recognitions, Donations and Communications
5.00:03:00Items Removed from Consent Agenda
6A.00:13:00Business Items: Police Civil Service Commission Joint Meeting With Council
6B.00:21:00Consider Approval of Application for Pathways to Policing Grant from the Department of Public Safety Office of Justice Programs
6C.00:26:00Hold a Public Hearing and consider a Resolution approving a variance to Chapter 405, Noise Control, temporarily extending construction activity hours at 2820 Cleveland Avenue N
6D.00:31:00Consider Adoption of a Preliminary 2020 Tax Levy and Budget
6E.00:42:00Consider Adoption of the Preliminary 2020 EDA Tax Levy
6F.00:45:00Review Proposed Changes to the 2020 Fee Schedule
6G.01:01:00Review Civic Campus Master Plan RFP
6H.01:17:00Consider Railroad Quiet Zone Study Professional Services Agreement
7.01:53:00Approve Minutes
8.01:54:00Approve Consent Agenda
9.01:57:00Council and City Manager Communications, Reports and Announcements
6I.01:26:00Reuter Walton Development Update