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Video: LCCC_2019-09-25
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Video Type: Little Canada City Council
Date: September 25, 2019
Runtime: 01:50:53
# Time Title
1.00:03:12Call to Order
2.00:03:15Roll Call
3. 00:03:18Approval of Minutes
3a. 00:03:1909/11/2019 Workshop Meeting
3b.00:03:2009/11/2019 Regular Council
4a.00:05:06Patricia Nauman
4b.00:14:13Susan Vento
5.00:22:33Public Hearing
5a. 00:22:34Consider The Renewal Of An Interim Use Permit For Aggregate Stockpiling & Recyling At Fra-Dor, Inc.
5b.00:51:45Consider An Interim Use Permit To Allow A Temporary Classroom At 3205 Country Drive
6.01:09:24Consent Agenda
7. 01:10:44Staff Reports
8. 01:40:05Economic Development: Partial Termination Of And Release Of Property From Development Agreement, Termination Of Assessment Agreement, And Termination Of Purchase Agreement With The Village At Little Canada LLC