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Video: LCPR_2021-01-07
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Video Type: Little Canada Parks & Recreation
Date: January 7, 2021
Runtime: 00:54:10
# Time Title
1.Virtual Meeting - Zoom Meeting ID# 831-7070-4672
2.00:04:38Call To Order - 6:30 P.m.
3.00:05:05Roll Call
4.00:05:10Approval Of Minutes
4a.Parks & Recreation Commission Minutes - December 3, 2020
5.00:05:30Welcome New Commissioner
6.00:15:50Election Of Vice-Chair And Commission Appointments
7.00:26:29Old Business
7a.Pioneer Park Planning Update
8.00:32:55New Business
8a.2021 Park Assignments
9.00:34:39Reports From Commissioners
10a.00:45:16Bike Rack Subcommittee Update
10b.00:47:43Youth Activities
10c.00:48:29Adult Activities
10a.Basics Of Home Composting - Jan. 12
10b.How To Plan A Boundary Waters Trip - Jan. 28
10d.00:49:04LCFD Booya
10e.00:49:34LCRA Ice Fishing Contest