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Video: /2021/RVCC_2021-02-08
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Video Type: Roseville City Council
Date: February 8, 2021
Runtime: 2:47:41
# Time Title
1.00:00:00Roll Call
2.00:04:00Approve Agenda
3.00:08:00Public Comment
4.00:08:00Recognitions and Donations
5.00:08:00Items Removed from Consent Agenda
6A.00:09:00Consider Adoption of Ordinances regarding amendments to Chapter 907, Rental Registration and creating a new Chapter 909, Short-Term Rental Licensing
6B.01:09:00Consider approval of ordinance amending City Code Chapter 306 (Cigarette and Tobacco Products) including restricting the sale of flavored tobacco products in the City of Roseville
6C.01:50:00Consider Issuance of Multifamily Rental Licenses, previously revoked at 1740 & 1750 Marion St., and 1722 Woodbridge Ct.
6D.02:07:00Consider Commission Reappointment for 2021
6E.02:18:00Consider Approval of Roseville’s 2021 Legislative Priorities
6F.02:27:00Receive Update on COVID-19 and Impact on City Operations
7.02:34:00Approve Minutes
8.02:35:00Approve Consent Agenda
9.02:38:00Future Agenda Review, Communications, Reports, and Announcements - Council and City Manager