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Video: RVHRIE_2021-02-24
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Video Type: Roseville Human Right, Inclusion & Engagement Commissions
Date: February 24, 2021
Runtime: 02:27:59
# Time Title
1.00:00:03Call To Order/Roll Call
2.00:02:38Approve Agenda
3.00:04:23Public Comment
4.00:04:48Commission Response To Community Issues
7B00:17:45Work Plan Updates Part 1
4.00:47:20Commission Response To Community Issues
5.00:52:16Approval Of Minutes
6.00:53:02Youth Commissioner Report
7.00:56:27New Business
7A00:56:28Culture Brokers Update
7B01:18:38Work Plan Updates Part 2
7C02:07:58Youth Commissioner Application
8.02:15:07Other New Business Or Reports
8A02:15:08Monthly Proclamation Updates
8B02:23:24Staff Updates