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Video: /2021/MVPC_2021-03-17
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Video Type: Mounds View Planning Commission
Date: March 17, 2021
Runtime: 0:25:28
# Time Title
1.00:00:00Call to Order
2.00:00:10Roll Call
3.00:01:02Special Order of Business (none)
4.00:01:05Citizens Requests and Comments (none)
5.00:01:26Planning Cases
5A.00:01:26Resolution 1131-21, Recommending Approval of a Conditional Use Permit for an Accessory Building exceeding 952 sq ft for Curtis Goettsch, 2229 Lambert Avenue
5B.00:08:26Resolution 1132-21, Recommending Approval of Ordinance 975, Amending Chapter 1106 of the Mounds View City Code, relating to Permitted Accessory Uses within the R-1 Single-Family Residential district
6.00:15:37Other Planning Activity (none)
7A.00:15:44Upcoming Planning Cases & Activity
7B.00:17:27Staff Updates
7C.00:18:02Council Updates
7D.00:22:34Planning Commissioner Reports
8.00:22:43Approval of Minutes
9.00:23:55Next Planning Commission Meetings
10.00:24:37Meeting Conclusion