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Video: /2021/NBCC_2021-03-23
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Video Type: New Brighton City Council
Date: March 23, 2021
Runtime: 2:53:12
# Time Title
I.00:00:05Call to Order and Roll Call
II.00:00:31Pledge of Allegiance
III.00:00:55Public Comment Forum
IV.00:02:29Approval of Agenda
V.00:03:06Special Order of Business
1.00:03:06Update from New Brighton Legislative Delegation
VI.00:39:38Consent Agenda
VII.00:41:29Public Hearings
1.00:41:29Consider Resolution to approve a Minor Subdivision of 2530 Silver Lake Road
2.00:51:07Consider Ordinance 880: Short Term Rentals
3.02:02:02Consider Resolution Ordering Project 21-1, 2021 Street Rehabilitation
VIII.02:24:59Council Business
1.02:24:59Consideration of Approval of Plans and Specifications, Amendment 2 to the Professional Services Contract with Kimley Horn, and Authorization to Advertise for Bids for City Project 20?6, Traffic Signal Old Highway 8 and 8th Avenue
IX.02:43:08Commission Liaison Reports, Announcements, and Updates