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Video: /2021/MVPC_2021-08-18
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Video Type: Mounds View Planning Commission
Date: August 18, 2021
Runtime: 1:18:41
# Time Title
100:02:04Call to Order
200:02:15Roll Call
300:02:36Citizens Requests and Comments Relating to Planning and Zoning Issues Not Already on the Agenda.
400:02:39PUBLIC HEARING, Resolution 1136-21, Variance to exceed permitted fence height in a front yard; 5045 Rainbow Lane
500:50:00Resolution 1137-21, Amending the Crossroad Pointe PUD Narrative, 2390 Mounds View Boulevard
601:09:17Upcoming Planning Cases & Activity
701:09:41Council Updates
801:11:38 Planning Commissioner Reports
901:13:24Approval of Minutes: August 4, 2021
1001:13:42Next Planning Commission Meetings:
1101:14:10Meeting Conclusion