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Video: LCPR_2021-11-04
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Video Type: Little Canada Parks & Recreation
Date: November 4, 2021
Runtime: 00:54:39
# Time Title
100:00:10Call To Order
200:00:15Roll Call
300:00:20Approval Of The Minutes
400:00:50Parks & Recreation Mission Statement
500:01:08Old Business
6A00:01:47New Business - Youth Commissioner
6B00:06:23New Business - Fall Programming
6C00:08:47New Business - Farmers Market Recap
6D00:11:02New Business - Winter Programming
6E00:18:40New Business - Parks & Recreation Capital Improvement Plan
700:30:50Reports from Commissioners
8AUpdates - Youth Activities
8BUpdates - Adult Activities
8C00:41:30Updates - Rondeau Park Improvements
8D00:45:00Updates - Other