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Video: LCCC_2022-02-23
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Video Type: Little Canada City Council
Date: February 23, 2022
Runtime: 0:54:56
# Time Title
00:01:15Call To Order
00:01:15Roll Call
00:01:18Approval Of The Minutes
00:01:18A.February 9, 2022 Regular Council Minutes
00:01:45Public Comment
00:23:57Consent Agenda
00:23:57A.Approval Of The Vouchers
00:23:57B.Accept The Preparing For Emerald Ash Borer Grant From Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources
00:23:57C.Approve The Great River Greening Pollinator Central: Habitat Improvement With Citizen Monitoring Cooperative Agreement
00:23:57D.Approve Rider #35 With St. Paul Regional Water Services To Allow City Trail
00:23:57E.Call For A Workshop On March 23, 2022 At 6:00pm To Discuss A Residential Development Proposal
00:23:57F.Approve 2022 Recreation Coordinator Services Contract With Twin Cities Officials
00:25:04Staff Reports
00:25:10A.Discuss Canadian Days Fireworks
00:34:46B.Consider Wage Scale Increase For Public Works Apprentice Position
00:39:38C.2022-2024 Organized Collection & Recycling Services Contract
00:46:10D.Ordinance 862, Amend Fee Schedule To Update Trash Rates And Add TIF Application Fees
00:50:05Council Reports & Meeting Updates