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Video: RVCC_2022-03-21
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Video Type: Roseville City Council
Date: March 21, 2022
Runtime: 0:55:00
# Time Title
1.00:00:00Roll Call
2.00:02:00Approve Agenda
3.00:04:00Public Comment
4.00:10:00Recognitions and Donations
5.00:10:00Items Removed from Consent Agenda
6A.00:15:00Business Items: Adopt a resolution approving the Victoria Shores final plat, and pass a motion approving the Victoria Shores public improvement contract
6B.00:29:00Adopt resolutions approving the Midland Legacy Estate 3rd Addition final plat and the purchase of additional land in the park lot, and pass a motion approving the associated public improvement contract
6C.00:36:00 Receive update on licensing of short-term rentals
6D.00:41:00Consider Appointments to Various City Commissions
7.00:41:00Council Direction on Councilmember Initiated Agenda Items
8.00:47:00Approve Minutes
9.00:49:00Approve Consent Agenda
10.00:52:00Future Agenda Review, Communications, Reports, and Announcements