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Video: RVCC_2022-06-20
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Video Type: Roseville City Council
Date: June 20, 2022
Runtime: 02:22:14
# Time Title
1.00:02:10Roll Call
2.00:03:19Pledge of Allegiance
3.00:03:40Approve of Agenda
4.00:03:58Public Comment
5.00:09:22Recognitions and Donations
5A.00:09:30Americans with Disabilities Act Proclamation
5B.00:13:36Proclaim July 2022 as Parks and Recreation Month
7.00:18:51Business Items
7A.00:18:52Receive Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, Auditor Communication Letter, and Reports on Compliance for Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2021
7B.00:33:23Hold a Public Hearing to Approve/Deny a Small Brewer Offsale Liquor License for Blume Brauhaus, LLC located at 1744 Terrace Dr
7C.00:36:09Discuss changes to City Code 302.02 (D) regarding the issuance of On-sale liquor licenses
7D. 01:25:40Receive update on IAP2 Staff Training
7E.01:51:45Review 2023 Changes in Property Tax Base, Legislative Changes and discussion on City Council 2023 Budget Goals
10.02:10:10Approve Consent Agenda
11.02:12:30Future Agenda Review, Communications, Reports, and Announcements - Council and City Manager