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Video: MVPC_2022-08-03
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Video Type: Mounds View Planning Commission
Date: August 3, 2022
Runtime: 02:08:02
# Time Title
100:05:15Call to Order
200:05:23Roll Call
300:06:06Special Order of Business
400:06:11Citizen Comments
500:06:19Planning Cases: Long Lake Cove
6A00:39:21Other Planning Activity: Yard Homes
6B01:21:29Other Planning Activity: Multi-Family Residential Zoning
701:40:31Approval of Minutes
8A01:41:15Reports: Upcoming Planning Cases & Activity
8B01:42:08Reports: Staff Updates
8C01:42:13Reports: Council Updates
8D01:58:44Reports: Planning Commissioner Reports
901:58:53Next Planning Commission Meetings