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Video: LCCC_2023-01-11
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Video Type: Little Canada City Council
Date: January 11, 2023
Runtime: 01:07:22
# Time Title
1.00:02:49Call To Order
2.00:02:57Roll Call
3.00:03:10Administer Oaths Of Office
4.00:06:36Approval Of Minutes
7.00:07:33Consent Agenda
8a.00:08:49Accounts Payable Workflow Implementation
8b.00:21:02Easement Acquisition For Thunder Bay/Westwind Park Trail
8c.00:26:58Amendment To Capital Improvement Plan For Aspen Pond Stormwater Improvements
8d.00:31:34Stormwater Utility Implementation Update
8e.00:37:10Brightly Software Implementation Update
8f.00:47:45Set 2023 City Council Meetings
8g.00:52:102023 City Council Committee Appointments
9a.00:56:17Review Economic Development Authority Scope & Appoint Officers
9b.01:04:59Adopt 2023 Economic Development Authority Budget