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Video: MVCC_2023-06-26
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Video Type: Mounds View City Council
Date: June 26, 2023
Runtime: 02:54:00
# Time Title
1.00:00:00Call to Order
2.00:00:50Roll Call
3.00:01:00Approve Agenda
4.00:01:40Consent Agenda
5.00:02:00Special Order of Business
6.00:50:00Public Comment
7A.01:46:00Council Business: Resolution 9773, Approving a Temporary On-Sale Intoxicating Liquor License for Festival in the Park of Mounds View to allow Maxx Bar and Grill to Sell and Serve Alcoholic Beverages at the 2023 Festival in the Park
7B.01:52:00Resolution 9758, Approving Purchase of Cloud Storage for the Police Department Video Evidence Library.
7C.01:58:00Resolution 9771, Approving the Preliminary/Final Plat of Long Lake Cove, and Stormwater Management Permit, 7700 Long Lake Road
7D.02:14:00A Resolution Relating to the Issuance of Conduit Revenue Bonds to Finance the Costs of a Multifamily Rental Housing Facility and Under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 462C, as Amended
7E.02:19:00First Reading and Introduction of Ordinance 999, Amending Mounds View City Code Chapter 161 regarding Signs and Billboards
9.02:52:00Upcoming Meetings