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Video: MVCC_2023-08-14
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Video Type: Mounds View City Council
Date: August 14, 2023
Runtime: 03:16:00
# Time Title
1.00:02:00Call to Order
2.00:02:45Roll Call
3.00:03:00Approve Agenda
4.00:03:45Consent Agenda
5A.00:18:00Special Order of Business: Officer Brian Kammerer official swearing in - Chief Zender
5B.00:07:00MVPD Second Quarter Report – Chief Zender
6.00:21:00Public Comment
7A.00:48:00Council Business: Approving Professional Services Agreement with Tubman to Provide Public Safety and General Welfare Related Services Addressing Domestic Abuse
7B.00:52:00Approving and Accepting a Grant from Ramsey County- Be Active, Be Green, Ramsey County Bench Initiative Program
7C.00:57:00First Reading and Introduction to Ordinance 1004; Amending Mounds View City Code 160.088 related to Accessory Dwelling Units
7D.01:13:00Approving Minnesota Laws 2023, Chapter 64, Article 10, Section 41, Allowing the City of Mounds View to Impose a Local Sales Tax
7E.01:27:00Approving the Imposition of a Local Sales Tax and Authorizing a Special Election During the November 7, 2023 Uniform Election
7F.01:31:00Resolution 9794, Organized Garbage Collection
7G.01:57:00Resolution 9799, Acquisition of Right of Way
7H.01:58:00Resolution 9796, Approving contract services with Stantec for City Planner services
7I.02:07:00Second Reading, Ordinance 1007, Prohibiting use of Cannabis in Public Places.
7J.02:21:00Approving a Service Proposal with Goodpointe Technology for Pavement Evaluation Services and Software Upgrade
9.03:15:00Next Meetings