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Video: LCCC_2024-01-24
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Video Type: Little Canada City Council
Date: January 24, 2024
Runtime: 01:09:43
# Time Title
00:00:56Call To Order
00:01:05Roll Call
00:01:15Approval Of The Minutes
00:02:19Public Comment
00:02:37Public Hearings
00:02:37Final Plat For Pioneer Commons 3rd Addition And Development Agreement
00:09:38Variance Amendment For Signage At Caribou At 3354 Rice Street
00:19:18Ordinance 890, Amend Zoning Code Chapters 904, 914 & 915 For Garage And Accessory Structures
00:32:44Consent Agenda
00:33:07Reports From Staff
00:33:09Purchase Agreement For 2884 Centerville Road
00:49:14Approve Plans & Authorize Bidding For 2024 Street Improvement Projects On Jackson Street & Country Drive
00:56:21Easement Acquisition For Country Drive & South Owasso Blvd Sidewalk Project
01:00:41Council Reports & Meeting Updates