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Video: LCPC_2024-02-08
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Video Type: Little Canada Planning Commission
Date: February 8, 2024
Runtime: 01:03:12
# Time Title
100:03:21Call to Order
200:03:25Roll Call
300:03:30Adopt Agenda
400:03:44Approval of Minutes
500:04:18Meeting Open To The Public
6a.00:04:20Commission Business Action Items & Recommendations - A. Text Amendment - City Code Chapter 809 - Mixed Municipal Solid Waste and Recyclable Materials Storage and Collections
6b.00:10:13Commission Business Action Items & Recommendations - B. Text Amendment - Zoning Code Chapters 907 & 914 - MicroUnites/Sacred Settlements
6c.00:17:13Commission Business Action Items & Recommendations - C. Text Amendment - Zoning Code Chapter 916 - Sign Ordinance
6d.00:42:33Commission Business Acton Items & Recommendations D. - Metro Area Sales and Use Tax for Housing 0.25%